Good nutrition is crucial to a healthy and happy lifestyle, and here at Lean & Fit, we understand this well.  Our goal is to help everyone achieve their health and wellness goals, whether it be losing weight, increasing energy, or building muscle.

And good nutrition isn't just for athletes!  In our world of fast and processed food, it can be hard to find a healthy alternative.  With our large selection of meal replacement shakes, teas, protein bars, and supplements, there is a solution to all nutrition needs.

To begin your journey to a healthy, happy, and high energy lifestyle, just stop by our shop conveniently located in South Pasadena, FL, or come to one of our Cardio Drumming workouts!


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Our large selection of meal replacements shakes offers a high protein and low sugar way to get the valuable nutrition we all need while still tasting great!  Flavors include Wild Berry, Mint Chocolate, Banana Caramel, and much more!

We also offer great tasting herbal teas, Aloe, a new high protein coffee, and even skin and hair care products!

Protein shake full of tasty nutrition.


Good nutrition starts here!  Stop by the shop to check out our wide selection of shake flavors.

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Feel the beat with this exciting way to burn some calories, have fun, and

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Whether you're looking to improve your own fitness or make a little extra money helping others, we have opportunities for everyone.  To begin down the path of great health and wellness, simply visit our Contact Info page!